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Don't want to give all your data away? Don't want to risk losing all your work?
No worries, we have a solution for you.
We created Sigle on blockstack to keep your data safe.


Free and Open Source

Sigle is an open source project created to respond to a passionate community. The goal is to become one of the biggest blog editor apps on blockstack.
We’re proud to make it happen and we hope you’ll enjoy writing amazing content on it.


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All your stories are available in two sections: drafts and published.
Keep your pages private and encrypted or make them public. Your pick!
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Enjoy the power of decentralized data

When you use Sigle, you do way more than just writing awesome stories, you’re also saying a huge « NO » to the big companies which store your data to use it against you.
Congrats, you’re kind of a rebel now.

Your data is safe with Blockstack. But if you don’t want Blockstack keeping it for you, no problem: Click here to read the tutorial on how to configure your own storage.

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